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10 AI Stocks You Should Invest in for the Next Decade

AI stocks have been on the rise in recent years, and many investors are looking for ways to capitalize on this trend. With AI technology becoming increasingly important in a variety of industries, it’s no surprise that AI stocks are some of the hottest investments right now. But which ones should you buy? Here is our list of the top 10 AI stocks to buy right now for the next 10 years.

First up is NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA). This company has become one of the most popular names in artificial intelligence due to its powerful GPUs used for deep learning and other applications. The company also produces chipsets used in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and gaming consoles. NVIDIA has seen tremendous growth over the past few years as demand for their products continues to increase.

Next is Alphabet Inc (GOOGL), parent company of Google LLC. Google has been at the forefront of developing AI-powered technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that power its search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, Google Cloud Platform provides businesses with access to advanced analytics tools powered by machine learning algorithms that can help them gain insights into customer behavior and optimize their operations accordingly.

Thirdly we have Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). Microsoft has made significant investments into artificial intelligence research over recent years with projects such as Cortana Intelligence Suite providing users with an intelligent assistant capable of understanding natural language queries and responding appropriately. Additionally, Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers developers access to various cognitive services including computer vision APIs which allow machines to recognize objects within images or videos accurately without human intervention.

Fourthly we have Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Amazon Inc., another leader when it comes to leveraging artificial intelligence technology across multiple sectors ranging from retailing through healthcare delivery systems all way down towards entertainment industry solutions like Alexa voice recognition system powering smart home devices worldwide . AWS provides customers with access to a wide range of cloud computing services including Machine Learning capabilities allowing companies large or small scale alike develop custom models tailored specifically towards their needs while taking advantage from scalability offered by AWS infrastructure itself .

Fifthly there’s Apple Inc.(AAPL) , who recently announced plans for investing heavily into Artificial Intelligence research & development initiatives during WWDC 2018 keynote address . While Apple hasn’t yet released any specific details regarding what kind these initiatives will be , they did mention about focusing more closely on core ML framework enabling developers create smarter apps faster than ever before while utilizing less code overall .

Sixthly IBM Corp(IBM) stands out among others thanks largely due Watson project – an ambitious initiative aiming at creating world’s first artificially intelligent supercomputer able understand natural language queries & provide answers based upon vast amount data stored inside IBM databases around globe . Thanks Watson project IBM managed establish themselves firmly within medical sector where they offer doctors assistance diagnosing diseases using sophisticated pattern recognition techniques powered by machine learning algorithms running behind scenes .

Seventh place belongs Intel Corporation(INTC) who’ve been actively involved within Artificial Intelligence field since early 2000s when they started producing Xeon Phi processors designed specifically run computationally intensive tasks related deep neural networks training & inference processes much faster compared traditional CPUs available back then time frame . Today Intel remains one leading chip manufacturers offering both hardware software solutions required build modern day AIs ranging from Movidius Neural Compute Stick helping researchers prototype new ideas quickly all way down towards Nervana Neural Network Processor family aimed directly at enterprise level deployments requiring high performance levels combined low energy consumption rates same time frame ..

Eighth position goes Qualcomm Technologies(QCOM) whose Snapdragon mobile processor series powers majority smartphones sold today market place making them ideal choice those wanting take advantage latest advancements done within field mobile device optimization especially when talking about battery life improvements achieved thanks integration dedicated digital signal processors handling image processing tasks previously handled main CPU cores thus freeing up resources needed elsewhere application side ..

Ninth spot reserved Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) who’ve recently entered race produce specialized GPU architectures optimized run Deep Learning workloads efficiently while consuming minimal amounts electricity process same time frame .. AMD Radeon Instinct line cards already found use numerous datacenters around world being employed train complex neural networks part larger Artificial Intelligence projects currently underway ..

Last but not least tenth position taken Broadcom Ltd.(AVGO), semiconductor manufacturer specializing production communication components utilized wireless networking equipment routers modems etc.. AVGO acquired CA Technologies 2017 giving them foothold enterprise IT space where they’re currently working integrate CA’s automation capabilities existing product portfolio order better compete against rivals like Cisco Systems HPE Dell EMC etc.. All said done Broadcom looks set remain major player communications sector foreseeable future given current trends going strong direction 5G network rollouts happening globally soon enough … In conclusion if you’re looking invest long term basis then these ten mentioned above could very well turn out great choices depending your individual risk appetite course always remember do thorough research prior committing funds anywhere particular stock market situation changes rapidly so make sure stay informed latest developments happenings relevant fields order maximize returns end day !

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