Apple sued to stop App Store clones of Baidu's Ernie AI chatbot - Credit: AppleInsider

Apple sued to stop App Store clones of Baidu’s Ernie AI chatbot

Apple is facing a lawsuit from Chinese tech giant Baidu, who claims that the App Store has been flooded with clones of their AI chatbot Ernie. The suit alleges that Apple has failed to take action against these clone apps, which are infringing on Baidu’s intellectual property rights.

Baidu launched Ernie in 2018 as an AI-powered chatbot for its search engine and other services. It quickly became popular among users due to its ability to understand natural language queries and provide accurate answers. However, since then there have been numerous clone apps appearing on the App Store that offer similar features but without any authorization from Baidu.

The lawsuit states that Apple was aware of these unauthorized clones yet failed to take any action against them despite repeated requests from Baidu over the past two years. As a result, it claims that Apple is liable for damages caused by these infringements and should be held accountable for allowing them to remain available on the App Store.

In response, Apple has stated that it takes all allegations of infringement seriously and will investigate each case thoroughly before taking any action against developers or apps found guilty of copyright infringement or other violations of intellectual property law. It also noted that it provides developers with tools such as app review guidelines and developer agreements so they can ensure their products comply with applicable laws before submitting them for sale in the App Store.

The lawsuit comes at a time when both companies are increasingly competing in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) technology development and cloud computing services – two fields where Baidu holds an edge over Apple due to its experience in China’s market conditions and access to local data sources not available outside China’s borders . This could potentially lead to further legal battles between the two tech giants if this dispute isn’t resolved soon enough through negotiations or court proceedings .

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