"Verifying Trust: The Journey to Assess Our Confidence in Artificial Intelligence" - Credit: Arizona State University

Verifying Trust: The Journey to Assess Our Confidence in Artificial Intelligence

At Arizona State University, we are on a mission to measure and verify trust in artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that trust is essential for the successful deployment of AI systems. Our research team has developed an innovative approach to measuring and verifying trust in AI systems.

We have identified three key components of trust: accuracy, reliability, and fairness. Accuracy refers to how accurately an AI system can make predictions or decisions based on data it receives. Reliability measures how consistently an AI system performs over time. Fairness evaluates whether the results from an AI system are equitable across different groups of people or situations.

To measure these components of trust, our research team has developed a suite of tools called TrustVerifyTM which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large datasets and generate scores for each component of trust. The scores generated by TrustVerifyTM provide insight into the level of confidence one should have when using a particular AI system or application.

TrustVerifyTM also provides users with detailed explanations about why certain scores were assigned so they can better understand what factors may be influencing their decision-making process when using an AI system or application. This helps users identify potential areas where improvements could be made in order to increase overall levels of trustworthiness within their organization’s use cases for artificial intelligence technology solutions .

In addition to providing insights into individual components of trust, TrustVerifyTM also enables organizations to compare multiple models side-by-side so they can determine which model best meets their needs based on its performance across all three dimensions – accuracy, reliability, and fairness – as well as other criteria such as cost efficiency or scalability requirements .

By leveraging this toolset , organizations will gain greater visibility into the level of confidence they should have when deploying any given artificial intelligence solution . This increased transparency will help ensure that only trustworthy applications are deployed within organizational environments , thus reducing risk associated with potential misuse due to lack oversight .

At ASU , we believe that understanding how much you can rely upon your Artificial Intelligence solutions is critical for success – not just today but tomorrow too! That’s why we’ve created TrustVerify™ – a powerful toolset designed specifically for measuring & verifying levels of confidence &trustworthiness in Artificial Intelligence applications &systems used by businesses worldwide ! With this new capability , organizations now have access to unprecedented insights regarding the quality &reliabilityof their A I investments – enabling themto make more informed decisions while mitigating risks associated with inadequate oversight !

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