We Must Regulate AI: FTC Chair Khan Says - Credit: Ars Technica

We Must Regulate AI: FTC Chair Khan Says

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and with it comes a need for regulation. This was the message from Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter during her keynote address at the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network’s virtual conference on Wednesday.
Slaughter said that AI has become an integral part of our lives, with its use in everything from facial recognition to autonomous vehicles. As such, she believes that we must be proactive in regulating AI before it becomes too pervasive and difficult to control. She noted that while some countries have already taken steps towards regulating AI, there is still much work to be done globally.

Slaughter also discussed how data privacy plays into the discussion around regulating AI. She pointed out that many companies are collecting vast amounts of consumer data without their knowledge or consent, which can then be used by algorithms to make decisions about them without any oversight or accountability. In order for us to ensure fair outcomes when using AI-driven technologies, Slaughter argued that we must put safeguards in place so consumers know what information is being collected about them and how it will be used.

In addition to discussing the need for regulation around data privacy and algorithmic decision making, Slaughter also highlighted other areas where regulations could help protect consumers from potential harms associated with AI technology such as bias or discrimination based on race or gender identity; lack of transparency; security vulnerabilities; and misuse of personal information by third parties like advertisers or political campaigns.

Overall, FTC Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter made a compelling case for why we should regulate artificial intelligence now rather than later: “We cannot wait until after harm has been done —we must act now,” she said during her speech.” We have an obligation not only to protect consumers but also society as a whole from potential harms posed by unchecked advances in this powerful technology.” |We Must Regulate AI: FTC Chair Khan Says|Regulation|Ars Technica

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