5 Essential Works of Refik Anadol, the Digital Artist Hypnotizing the World With His A.I. Art Landscapes - Credit: Artnet

5 Essential Works of Refik Anadol, the Digital Artist Hypnotizing the World With His A.I. Art Landscapes

Refik Anadol is a Turkish-born, Los Angeles-based artist who creates immersive installations that explore the relationship between technology and architecture. His works are often described as “data sculptures” because they use data to create stunning visualizations of our physical world. Here are five of his most impressive works that you should know about:

1. Infinity Room (2018) – This installation was created for the 2018 Istanbul Biennial and featured an interactive room filled with projections of light and sound. The walls were covered in mirrors, creating an infinite space where visitors could explore their own reflections while being surrounded by ever-changing visuals generated from data collected from around the city.

2. Machine Hallucination (2017) – This work was commissioned by Google Arts & Culture Lab for its 2017 exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre. It used machine learning algorithms to generate abstract patterns based on images taken from Google Street View cameras all over the world, creating a mesmerizing display of shapes and colors that changed constantly throughout the show’s duration.

3. Digital Dome (2016) – Created for Sónar+D 2016 in Barcelona, this installation used real-time 3D mapping techniques to project digital landscapes onto a dome structure made up of thousands of LED lights suspended above viewers’ heads like stars in a night sky. The visuals were inspired by satellite imagery captured during different times of day or year, allowing viewers to experience both natural phenomena such as sunsets or snowfall as well as manmade structures like bridges or skyscrapers in new ways never seen before!

4 .Data Mosaic (2015) – For this piece Refik Anadol collaborated with Microsoft Research Cambridge to create an interactive mosaic composed entirely out of data points gathered from social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram over several months leading up to its debut at Ars Electronica 2015 in Austria.. As people interacted with it via touchscreens installed around the gallery space, they could see how their individual contributions helped shape what would eventually become one giant collective artwork!

5 .Infinity Wall (2014) -This permanent outdoor installation located outside Istanbul’s Atatürk Cultural Center uses hundreds of video projectors arranged into two parallel walls facing each other across a courtyard which then display generative animations derived from live feeds sourced directly from news outlets all over Turkey.. By combining these sources together into one continuous stream it creates an ever changing landscape reflecting current events happening within society right now!

Refik Anadol has been pushing boundaries since he first began working with technology back in 2008; his artworks have gone on to be exhibited internationally including shows at MoMA PS1 New York City USA , Tate Modern London UK , Mori Art Museum Tokyo Japan , Guggenheim Bilbao Spain among many others.. He continues exploring new ways we can interact with our environment through technological means today so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more amazing projects coming soon!

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