Cardano's AGIX Skyrockets Following Elon Musk AI Rumor - Credit: Bitcoinist

Cardano’s AGIX Skyrockets Following Elon Musk AI Rumor

Cardano-based AGIX Soars After Elon Musk AI Rumors

The Cardano-based project, AGIX, has seen a surge in its price after rumors of an upcoming collaboration with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence (AI) company. The news sent the token soaring by over 200% and is now trading at around $0.0025 per coin.

AGIX is a decentralized platform that provides users with access to various services such as digital asset management, data storage, and smart contracts. It also offers developers the ability to create their own applications on top of the blockchain network using its native programming language called Plutus Core.

The recent surge in price was sparked by speculation that AGIX may be partnering up with Neuralink – a brain-computer interface technology developed by Musk’s AI firm – for some kind of integration into its platform. While there have been no official announcements from either party yet, many investors are hoping this could be true as it would bring more attention to the project and potentially increase its value even further.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Cardano has made headlines recently; earlier this year it became one of only two blockchains supported by Microsoft Azure cloud computing service alongside Ethereum Classic (ETC). This move helped boost confidence in both projects and showed just how far they have come since their launch back in 2017 when they were relatively unknown entities compared to today’s leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

With all these positive developments surrounding Cardano lately, it looks like AGIX might be set for another big jump if indeed there is any truth behind these rumors about a potential partnership between them and Neuralink – something which could really help propel them into mainstream adoption territory sooner rather than later! We will just have to wait and see what happens next but one thing is certain: investors should keep an eye out for any updates regarding this story as it could mean big things for both parties involved if everything goes according plan!

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