VirusTotal now has an AI-powered malware analysis feature - Credit: BleepingComputer

VirusTotal now has an AI-powered malware analysis feature

VirusTotal, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., has recently announced the launch of its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered malware analysis feature. This feature is designed to help users detect and analyze malicious files more quickly and accurately than ever before.
The AI-powered malware analysis tool uses machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious files that may contain malicious code or other threats. It then provides detailed information about the file, including its origin, type, size, and any associated risks. The tool also offers recommendations on how best to protect against potential threats posed by the file in question.
In addition to providing detailed information about suspicious files, VirusTotal’s AI-powered malware analysis feature can also be used as an early warning system for organizations looking to stay ahead of emerging cyber security threats. By monitoring incoming files for signs of malicious activity, organizations can take proactive steps towards protecting their networks from attack before it’s too late.
VirusTotal’s AI-powered malware analysis feature is available now for both free and paid users alike. Free users are limited in terms of what they can do with the tool; however they still have access to basic features such as scanning individual files or URLs for viruses or other types of malicious content. Paid users have access to additional features such as real-time monitoring and automated threat detection capabilities which allow them to keep track of all incoming traffic across their network in order to better protect themselves from potential attacks or data breaches.
Overall this new AI-powered malware analysis feature from VirusTotal is a great way for individuals and businesses alike to stay one step ahead when it comes detecting potentially dangerous online activity before it becomes a major problem down the line. With its powerful combination of machine learning algorithms and comprehensive threat intelligence capabilities this new tool promises a much higher level protection than ever before against today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats . |VirusTotal now has an AI-powered malware analysis feature|Security|BleepingComputer

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