Grimes invites people to create AI-generated music with her voice: "I'll split 50% royalties" - Credit: BrooklynVegan

Grimes invites people to create AI-generated music with her voice: “I’ll split 50% royalties”

Musician Grimes has recently announced an exciting new project that will allow fans to create AI-generated music with her voice. She is inviting people to join in the creative process and, as a reward for their efforts, she’s offering them 50% of the royalties from any songs they produce.
The project was first revealed on Twitter where Grimes wrote: “I’m going to be releasing my vocal stems so you can make your own versions of my songs and I’ll split 50% of all royalties with anyone who does this!” She then followed up by saying: “This isn’t just about making money but also giving people tools to express themselves creatively and experiment with new sounds.”
Grimes is no stranger when it comes to experimenting with technology in order to push boundaries within the music industry. In 2018, she released her fifth studio album Art Angels which featured several tracks created using artificial intelligence (AI). This included a song called ‘Flesh Without Blood’ which was composed entirely by an AI program developed by her brother Mac Boucher.
In addition, Grimes has been working closely with OpenAI – a research lab dedicated to developing artificial general intelligence – since 2017 when she became one of its advisors. Her involvement in this field makes perfect sense given how passionate she is about exploring different ways technology can be used within music production.
It’s clear that this latest venture is another example of Grimes pushing herself artistically while also encouraging others around her do the same thing. By providing access to her vocal stems and offering royalty splits for those who use them, she’s creating an opportunity for collaboration between musicians and producers alike – something that could lead some truly unique creations being made over time!
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