Editor Closes Submissions to Sci-Fi Magazine Due to Overwhelming Number of AI-Generated Stories - Credit: BuzzFeed News

Editor Closes Submissions to Sci-Fi Magazine Due to Overwhelming Number of AI-Generated Stories

Clarke’s World, a science fiction magazine, has recently announced that it will no longer accept submissions of stories written by artificial intelligence (AI). The decision was made after the magazine received an overwhelming number of AI-generated stories.

The announcement came in the form of a tweet from Neil Clarke, editor and publisher at Clarkesworld Magazine. In his post, he said: “We’ve decided to close our open call for AI-written short stories due to the sheer volume of submissions we’ve received. We appreciate everyone who took part in this experiment and look forward to seeing what comes next!”

This news is not entirely unexpected as Clarke had previously expressed concerns about accepting too many AI-generated works into its publication. He had also warned against using AI for creative writing because it could lead to a flood of low quality content being published without any human oversight or editing.

In response to these concerns, some members of the science fiction community have argued that there is still value in allowing AI-generated works into publications like Clarkesworld Magazine. They argue that such works can provide unique perspectives on topics related to technology and society which may be difficult for humans alone to explore fully. Furthermore, they believe that allowing such works would help promote diversity within the genre by providing new voices with different backgrounds and experiences than those typically found in traditional science fiction literature.

Despite these arguments however, Clarke remains unconvinced and has stated that he does not want his publication becoming “a dumping ground for machine generated garbage”. He believes that while there may be potential benefits associated with publishing AI-generated work; ultimately it should remain under human control so as not to compromise editorial standards or dilute creativity within the genre itself.

At present time then, it appears unlikely that Clarke’s World will reverse their stance on accepting submissions from artificial intelligence anytime soon – if ever – leaving authors looking elsewhere if they wish their work published by one of sci fi’s most respected magazines . However despite this setback , there are still plenty other opportunities available out there for aspiring writers looking get their work seen . With more publishers now embracing digital technologies , including automated tools designed specifically assist authors craft better stories , perhaps one day we’ll see an influx high quality pieces created both man and machine alike . Until then though , let us continue celebrate all forms creativity regardless origin !

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