Tech This Out: Austin Musician Uses AI To Find Cure For Daughter - Credit: CBS Austin

Tech This Out: Austin Musician Uses AI To Find Cure For Daughter

Austin musician, Ryan Hickey, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help find a cure for his daughter’s rare genetic disorder. His daughter, Addison, was born with an undiagnosed condition that affects her development and growth. After months of searching for answers and treatments without success, Ryan decided to take matters into his own hands by leveraging the power of AI.

Ryan created a software program called “Addy” which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze medical data from around the world in order to identify potential treatments or cures for Addison’s condition. The program searches through millions of research papers and clinical trials in order to identify any possible connections between her symptoms and existing treatments or medications.

The results have been promising so far as Ryan has already identified several potential treatment options that could potentially help improve Addison’s quality of life. He hopes that this technology will not only benefit his family but also other families who are struggling with similar conditions.

In addition to helping find a cure for his daughter’s illness, Ryan is also working on developing new applications for AI in healthcare such as early detection systems for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as well as personalized medicine tailored specifically towards individual patients’ needs. He believes that these advancements can revolutionize how we approach healthcare today by providing more accurate diagnoses and better outcomes overall.

Ryan has become an advocate for using AI in healthcare due its ability to quickly process large amounts of data while still being able to make accurate predictions about patient health outcomes based on their individual characteristics and lifestyle choices. He hopes that one day this technology will be widely available so everyone can benefit from it regardless of their financial situation or access to resources like doctors or hospitals nearby them..

By utilizing the power of AI, Austin musician Ryan Hickey is making strides towards finding a cure for his daughter’s rare genetic disorder while also paving the way forward when it comes to improving healthcare through technological advances — something he hopes will benefit many others down the line too!

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