Gov't Agencies Must Beat Criminals To AI ,Deep Fakes And Keep Us Safe - Credit: CBS17

Gov’t Agencies Must Beat Criminals To AI ,Deep Fakes And Keep Us Safe

As technology advances, so do the capabilities of criminals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Fakes are two examples of how criminals can use advanced technology to their advantage. AI is a form of computer science that enables machines to learn from experience and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. Deep Fakes are digital images or videos created using artificial intelligence algorithms that make it difficult to distinguish between real and fake content. With these technologies becoming more widely available, government agencies must stay ahead of criminals in order to keep us safe.

The FBI has been working on ways to detect Deep Fakes since 2018 when they launched an initiative called “Project VIGILANT” which focuses on detecting malicious actors who use AI-generated content for criminal activities such as fraud, identity theft, and cyberbullying. The Department of Homeland Security also recently announced its own program called “Securely Protecting America’s Data with Artificial Intelligence” which will focus on developing tools for identifying potential threats posed by AI-generated content before it reaches the public domain.

In addition to these initiatives, there have been several other efforts made by government agencies in recent years aimed at combating the threat posed by AI-generated content including: creating new laws that make it illegal for individuals or organizations to create or distribute deep fakes; increasing funding for research into methods for detecting deep fakes; and providing training programs designed specifically for law enforcement personnel on how best to identify deep fakes when encountered during investigations.

These efforts demonstrate just how seriously governments around the world are taking this issue but there is still much work left to be done if we want our data and identities protected from malicious actors using AI-generated content against us. Governments need not only continue investing resources into researching better detection methods but also ensure that all relevant stakeholders understand what constitutes a deep fake so they can take appropriate action should one be encountered during their day-to-day operations. Additionally, governments should consider implementing measures such as requiring companies who produce or distribute deep fakes obtain licenses prior doing so in order further protect citizens from any potential harm caused by them..

It is clear that while governments have taken steps towards protecting citizens from malicious actors utilizing AI generated content like Deep Fakes, more needs to be done if we want our data secure going forward into the future where this type of technology will become even more prevalent than it already is today . It is up each individual agency within government departments across countries worldwide now step up their game in order combat this growing threat head on before it becomes too late . |Gov’t Agencies Must Beat Criminals To AI ,Deep Fakes And Keep Us Safe|Security|CBS17

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