Alphabet Stock Prices Drop After Google's Artificial Intelligence Event - Credit: CNBC

Alphabet Stock Prices Drop After Google’s Artificial Intelligence Event

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) shares slipped on Tuesday following the company’s annual artificial intelligence event, Google I/O. The stock closed down 1.2% at $1,841 per share after the event concluded and Alphabet executives discussed their plans for AI in the coming year.

At this year’s Google I/O, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai outlined a number of initiatives that will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These include improvements to Google Maps and Photos as well as new features for its virtual assistant product, Google Assistant. Additionally, Pichai announced that it would be launching an AI-powered health care platform called “Google Health” later this year.

The company also revealed several other products and services that are being developed with AI technology such as a new language translation service called “Google Translate” which is designed to make translations more accurate than ever before; a tool called “Lens” which can identify objects from images; and an automated video editing program known as “AutoML Vision”.

In addition to these announcements, Alphabet also unveiled its latest version of Android operating system – Android Q – which will feature improved security measures thanks to machine learning algorithms built into the software. Finally, Pichai highlighted how AI has been used in recent years to improve search results accuracy and reduce spam emails sent out by malicious actors online.

Overall, investors seemed pleased with what they heard during the presentation but were cautious about investing further due to concerns over privacy issues related to data collection practices employed by tech companies like Alphabet Inc.. Despite these worries however, many analysts remain bullish on Alphabet’s prospects going forward given its strong track record of innovation when it comes to developing cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Despite closing lower on Tuesday following Google I/O 2019 event where executives discussed their plans for Artificial Intelligence (AI), many analysts remain bullish on Alphabet Inc.’s future prospects due largely in part because of their commitment towards innovating cutting edge technologies like AI . During his keynote address at this year’s conference , CEO Sundar Pichai outlined some exciting developments including improvements made towards existing products such as Maps & Photos along with introducing brand new ones like ‘Google Health’ – an upcoming healthcare platform powered by AI .

Other notable advancements showcased included ‘Google Translate’, a language translation service designed for greater accuracy ; ‘Lens’ – an object identification tool using images ; ‘AutoML Vision’ – an automated video editing program ; plus enhanced security measures within Android Q through machine learning algorithms integrated into its software . All these initiatives demonstrate how far ahead of competitors Alphabet is when it comes leveraging Artificial Intelligence capabilities across all aspects of their business operations .

However despite enthusiasm surrounding all these advancements , there remains some caution amongst investors regarding potential privacy issues associated with data collection practices employed by tech giants like Alphabet Inc .. This could potentially dampen investor sentiment if not addressed adequately moving forward . Nevertheless , overall optimism still prevails especially considering how much progress has already been achieved so far in terms of utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology both now & into the future .

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