Analysts Predict Under-the-Radar A.I. Play with This Cybersecurity Stock - Credit: CNBC

Analysts Predict Under-the-Radar A.I. Play with This Cybersecurity Stock

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a major player in the tech industry, and analysts are predicting that Palo Alto Networks (PANW) could be one of the next under-the-radar AI plays. The company has been investing heavily in its AI capabilities, and it’s paying off.

Palo Alto Networks is an American cybersecurity firm based in Santa Clara, California. It provides cloud security solutions to protect customers from cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and more. In recent years, PANW has made significant investments into artificial intelligence technology to further enhance their security offerings. This includes developing machine learning algorithms for threat detection and prevention as well as natural language processing for automated customer support services.

Analysts believe that these investments will pay off big time for PANW over the coming years as demand for AI-powered cybersecurity solutions continues to grow rapidly across all industries. According to Gartner Research Director Avivah Litan: “The market opportunity here is huge because there’s so much data out there now that needs protection.” She also noted that “companies like Palo Alto Networks have a great chance of capitalizing on this trend with their advanced AI capabilities.”

In addition to providing enhanced security solutions through its own products and services, PANW also recently acquired two startups specializing in AI technologies: LightCyber and Evident Security Solutions (ESS). These acquisitions give them access to additional resources which they can use to further develop their existing products or create new ones tailored specifically towards enterprise customers looking for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

These moves demonstrate just how serious Palo Alto Networks is about leveraging AI technology within its business model going forward — something which analysts expect will help them stay ahead of competitors who may not yet be taking advantage of this emerging field of innovation within the tech sector. As analyst Daniel Ives put it: “We believe [PANW] should benefit from being at the forefront when it comes to utilizing cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence…and we think this could be a key differentiator moving forward.”

Overall, investors seem optimistic about what lies ahead for Palo Alto Networks given their focus on incorporating advanced artificial intelligence technologies into their product lineup — something which many other companies are still struggling with today due to lack of expertise or resources available internally or externally via partnerships/acquisitions etc.. With continued investment into research & development around these areas plus potential future acquisitions down the line; analysts predict that PANW could become one of the most successful under-the-radar players in terms of leveraging AI technology within its business model over time — potentially leading them towards even greater success than ever before!

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