Microsoft economist warns of A.I election interference from 'bad actors' - Credit: CNBC

Microsoft economist warns of A.I election interference from ‘bad actors’

As the world of artificial intelligence (A.I.) continues to expand, so does its potential for misuse and abuse by malicious actors. Microsoft’s Chief Economist, Dr. Eric Horvitz, recently warned that bad actors could use A.I.-driven technology to interfere with elections in a way that is difficult to detect or prevent.

In an interview with CNBC Make It at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, Horvitz said he was “very concerned about the potential for bad actors using AI-driven technologies to meddle in our elections and other democratic processes.” He added that it’s important for governments and tech companies alike to be aware of this risk and take steps now to protect against it.

Horvitz noted that while there are already laws on the books designed to protect against election interference from foreign entities, these laws may not be enough when faced with sophisticated A.I.-based attacks from within a country’s own borders or even from individuals operating outside of any particular jurisdiction altogether. He suggested that new regulations may need to be put into place specifically targeting such threats as well as increased collaboration between government agencies and tech companies on security measures related to A.I..

The Microsoft economist also pointed out how advances in machine learning have made it easier than ever before for malicious actors — whether they’re nation states or individual hackers —to create convincing fake news stories or manipulate data sets used by algorithms driving online services like search engines and social media platforms without detection by humans monitoring them manually . This means we must remain vigilant about protecting ourselves against such threats if we want our democracies around the world remain secure going forward .

Horvitz concluded his remarks by emphasizing how important it is for all stakeholders involved—governments , tech companies , citizens—to work together towards creating a safe digital environment where people can trust what they see online . Only then will we truly be able safeguard our most precious democratic institutions from those who would seek do us harm through technological means .

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