"Rick Heitzmann, Early Pinterest Investor: A.I. is Our Top Investment Opportunity Right Now" - Credit: CNBC

Rick Heitzmann, Early Pinterest Investor: A.I. is Our Top Investment Opportunity Right Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after investments in the tech world. AI has been used to develop products and services that have revolutionized how businesses operate, from customer service to marketing automation. Now, early Pinterest investor Rick Heitzmann believes that investing in AI should be a top priority for investors looking to capitalize on this rapidly growing technology.

Heitzmann recently spoke at an event hosted by CNBC about why he believes AI is such a great investment opportunity right now. According to Heitzmann, “The biggest thing I’m seeing right now is artificial intelligence…It’s really become the new frontier of innovation and it’s where we are going to see some of the greatest returns over time.”

He went on to explain why he thinks investing in AI makes sense: “We’re seeing companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon all making huge investments into artificial intelligence because they understand its potential for transforming their business models…And when you look at what’s happening with machine learning and deep learning algorithms being applied across industries – from healthcare to finance – there’s no doubt that this technology will continue driving growth well into the future.”

In addition, Heitzmann noted that many venture capitalists are beginning to recognize the potential of AI as well: “Venture capital firms are starting to invest more heavily in startups focused on artificial intelligence technologies because they know these companies can help them generate higher returns than traditional investments.” This means that investors who get involved early could potentially reap significant rewards down the line.

However, Heitzmann also cautioned against blindly jumping into any investment without doing your due diligence first: “You need do your research before you make any kind of commitment or decision around an investment,” he said. “But if you take a long-term view and focus on building relationships with founders who have experience working with cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence then you’ll be able set yourself up for success over time.”

Overall, it seems clear that investing in Artificial Intelligence presents tremendous opportunities for those willing take advantage of them – but only if done so responsibly after careful consideration. With its ability drive innovation across multiple industries while providing high returns for investors, it appears likely that AI will remain one of hottest topics among venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs alike throughout 2021 –and beyond!

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