Sam Altman Expresses Fear Over Artificial Intelligence's Impact - Credit: CNBC

Sam Altman Expresses Fear Over Artificial Intelligence’s Impact

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently shared his thoughts on the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). In an interview with CNBC, he said that while AI has tremendous potential to improve our lives, it also carries some risks.

Altman believes that AI could be used for malicious purposes and is concerned about its implications for privacy and security. He noted that governments should take steps to regulate the development of AI technology in order to protect citizens from any potential harm.

“I’m a little bit scared of what might happen if we don’t get this right,” Altman said during the interview. “We need to make sure we’re building systems responsibly.”

He went on to explain how OpenAI is taking steps towards responsible development by creating safety protocols and ethical guidelines for their projects. They are also working closely with regulators around the world in order to ensure they are following best practices when developing new technologies.

Altman believes that as AI becomes more advanced, it will become increasingly important for companies like OpenAI to work together with government agencies in order to create regulations that protect people’s rights and safety while still allowing innovation within the industry. He pointed out that many countries have already taken action by introducing laws such as GDPR which provide individuals with greater control over their data privacy online.

In addition, Altman highlighted how OpenAI is investing heavily into research surrounding artificial general intelligence (AGI) – a type of machine learning system capable of performing tasks across multiple domains at once – as well as natural language processing (NLP), which enables machines to understand human speech patterns better than ever before. By doing so, he hopes these technologies can help us solve some of society’s most pressing problems such as climate change or poverty alleviation without sacrificing safety or ethics along the way.

Overall, Sam Altman recognizes both the immense opportunities presented by artificial intelligence but also acknowledges its associated risks if not handled properly; hence why he emphasizes on having strong regulations in place before unleashing powerful new technologies onto society at large scale levels . As a result , OpenAI has been actively engaging with regulatory bodies worldwide while simultaneously investing resources into researching AGI and NLP solutions which could potentially benefit humanity without compromising our collective wellbeing .

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