This Tech Company Is The 'Best Possible Beneficiary' Of A.I., Says Fund Manager - Credit: CNBC

This Tech Company Is The ‘Best Possible Beneficiary’ Of A.I., Says Fund Manager

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a major player in the tech industry, and one company stands to benefit more than any other. According to a fund manager from the investment firm BlackRock, this tech firm is the “best possible beneficiary” of AI technology.
The company in question is Microsoft Corporation, which has been investing heavily into AI research for years now. The software giant recently announced that it had acquired an AI-focused startup called Semantic Machines, which specializes in natural language processing and conversational artificial intelligence. This acquisition will help Microsoft further its efforts to create smarter digital assistants and improve its existing products with advanced machine learning capabilities.

Microsoft isn’t just investing money into AI either; they’re also investing their time and resources into developing new technologies that could revolutionize how we interact with computers. For example, they’ve developed an open source platform called Project Brainwave that allows developers to build applications using deep neural networks on top of Azure cloud services. They have also created a toolkit called Cognitive Services that enables developers to easily integrate powerful machine learning algorithms into their own applications without having to write complex code themselves.

These investments are paying off for Microsoft as well; according to BlackRock’s fund manager, the company’s stock price has risen significantly since it began focusing on AI development back in 2016. Furthermore, he believes that Microsoft will continue to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of advances in artificial intelligence over the next few years due to its strong presence across multiple industries such as gaming, healthcare and finance.

It’s clear why BlackRock’s fund manager believes Microsoft is currently positioned as the best possible beneficiary of AIs potential: not only does it have access to cutting edge technology through acquisitions like Semantic Machines but it also has a large user base who can take advantage of these advancements right away thanks to tools like Project Brainwave and Cognitive Services . With all these factors combined together , there’s no doubt that Microsoft will remain at the forefront when it comes harnessing AIs power for business success .

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