"Tim Seymour: Nvidia is the 'AI Buy' on 'Fast Money' - Credit: CNBC

Tim Seymour: Nvidia is the ‘AI Buy’ on ‘Fast Money’

Nvidia is the AI Buy, Says Fast Money Trader Tim Seymour

Tim Seymour, a trader on CNBC’s “Fast Money” show, believes that Nvidia is the best buy for investors looking to get into artificial intelligence (AI). He recently said on the show that he thinks Nvidia has an edge over its competitors in this space.

Seymour noted that Nvidia has been at the forefront of developing AI technology and has been investing heavily in it for years. The company’s GPUs are used by many companies to power their AI applications and they have also developed specialized chipsets specifically designed for deep learning tasks. This gives them a competitive advantage when it comes to providing solutions for customers who need powerful hardware to run their AI projects.

In addition, Seymour pointed out that Nvidia’s stock price has been steadily increasing since last year due to strong demand from both consumers and businesses alike. He believes this trend will continue as more people become aware of how useful AI can be in various industries such as healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing. Furthermore, he expects the company’s revenues from data centers to increase significantly over time as well given their focus on cloud computing services which require high-performance hardware like GPUs.

Overall, Tim Seymour believes that now is a great time for investors interested in getting involved with artificial intelligence technologies because there are so many opportunities available right now thanks to companies like Nvidia leading the way with innovative products and services. With its strong track record of success and continued investment into research & development related activities within this field; it looks like NVIDIA could be one of those stocks worth keeping an eye on going forward!

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