U S Regulators Warn They Already Have Power To Go After AI Bias — And They're Ready To Use It - Credit: CNBC

U S Regulators Warn They Already Have Power To Go After AI Bias — And They’re Ready To Use It

U.S. regulators have recently warned that they already possess the power to go after Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) bias, and are ready to use it if necessary. This warning comes as a response to increasing concerns about how A.I.-based technologies can be used in ways that could lead to discrimination or other forms of unfairness against certain groups of people, such as those based on race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been at the forefront of this issue for some time now and is currently working with other government agencies such as the Department of Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in order to ensure fairness when it comes to A.I.-based technology usage across all industries within the United States economy. The FTC has also made clear its intention to take action against companies who fail to comply with existing laws regarding fair practices when using A.I., including potential fines or even criminal charges depending on the severity of any violations found by investigators from these agencies during their investigations into possible cases of bias related activities involving A.I..

In addition, many experts believe that new regulations may need to be created specifically targeting issues surrounding A.I.-related bias in order for there truly be effective enforcement measures taken against companies who do not adhere strictly enough with existing laws governing fair practices when utilizing this type of technology within their operations or services offered by them publicly available products/services they offer consumers through digital platforms like websites and mobile applications etc..

As more businesses continue adopting various types of advanced technologies powered by artificial intelligence algorithms into their everyday operations, it’s becoming increasingly important for U.S regulators like FTC make sure these organizations understand what is expected from them legally speaking so that no one group ends up being unfairly targeted due discriminatory actions taken either intentionally or unintentionally while using AI-driven systems/software solutions within their business processes & procedures .

It remains unclear exactly how far U S regulators will go in terms enforcing anti-bias rules related AI-powered technologies but one thing is certain: They have already made it very clear they are willing use whatever powers necessary protect citizens from any form discrimination caused by misuse these powerful tools which why everyone should pay close attention developments coming out Washington D C over next few months because chances are good we’ll see some major changes soon come down pipeline regard regulation around artificial intelligence usage here America . |U S Regulators Warn They Already Have Power To Go After AI Bias — And They’re Ready To Use It|Regulation|CNBC

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