Compete Against Sony Gran Turismo's AI That Outran the Top Human Racers - Credit: CNET

Compete Against Sony Gran Turismo’s AI That Outran the Top Human Racers

Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport is one of the most popular racing games on the market, and now it has a new challenge for players: an AI-controlled car that can beat even the best human drivers.

The AI-controlled car, called “Gran Turismo A.I.,” was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., creators of Gran Turismo Sport. The goal was to create an AI-driven vehicle that could outperform any human driver in a race around Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop track. After months of development and testing, they succeeded – Gran Turismo A.I.’s lap time was faster than any other player who had raced on this track before!

To put this achievement into perspective, consider how difficult it is to master a game like Gran Turismo Sport. Players must learn how to control their cars at high speeds while navigating tight corners and avoiding obstacles; all while trying to shave off milliseconds from their lap times as they strive for perfection. It takes dedication and skill to become a top racer in this game – something that many professional gamers have worked hard for years to achieve – yet here we have an AI-powered car beating them all!

So what makes Gran Turismo A.I so special? According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito, “It uses advanced machine learning algorithms which allow it to analyze data from past races and adjust its driving style accordingly.” In other words, unlike traditional computer opponents which rely solely on preprogrammed behavior patterns (which can be easily outsmarted by experienced players), this AI adapts itself based on its experience over time – making it much more challenging than your average opponent!

This isn’t just about bragging rights either; Sony hopes that by creating such powerful artificial intelligence technology they will be able open up new possibilities within gaming experiences overall – allowing developers create more immersive worlds where players are challenged not only by each other but also by intelligent machines as well!

In addition, Sony plans on using these advancements in machine learning technology outside of gaming too; potentially helping improve autonomous vehicles or robotics applications down the line as well! This is certainly exciting news for anyone interested in pushing boundaries when it comes to artificial intelligence research – especially since we’re already seeing results like those achieved with Gran Turismo A.I..

Overall then, there’s no denying that what Sony has accomplished here is impressive indeed – creating an AI powered vehicle capable of outperforming some of the best human racers out there today! While we don’t know exactly what else may come from these advances yet (or if similar feats will be possible elsewhere) one thing remains certain: Artificial Intelligence technology continues advancing at breakneck speed – leaving us wondering just what amazing things might come next…

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