AI Artist from Nigeria Designs a Fashion Show for Seniors - Credit: CNN

AI Artist from Nigeria Designs a Fashion Show for Seniors

Fashion Designer Malik Afegbua Is Making a Difference in the Lives of Elderly People Through AI Art

Malik Afegbua is an innovative fashion designer who has found a unique way to make a difference in the lives of elderly people. He has created AI art, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create custom-made pieces for seniors. The goal is to help them feel more connected and engaged with their community while also providing them with stylish clothing that fits their needs.

Afegbua’s journey began when he was studying at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. During his studies, he became interested in how technology could be used to improve people’s lives and decided to focus on creating something special for seniors. After months of research and development, he launched his first collection: “Elderly Fashion AI Art” – a line of custom-made garments designed specifically for older adults using advanced machine learning algorithms.

The process begins by gathering data from each individual customer through surveys about their lifestyle, preferences, body type, etc., then using this information as input into an algorithm that creates personalized designs tailored just for them. This ensures that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited for its wearer’s needs and style preferences.

In addition to being fashionable and comfortable, these garments are also made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester so they can be worn without guilt or worry about environmental impact. Furthermore, all proceeds from sales go towards supporting local charities dedicated to helping elderly people around the world live better lives through improved access to healthcare services and other resources they need most.

By combining fashion design with cutting edge technology like AI art , Malik Afegbua has been able provide elderly individuals with stylish clothing options that fit both their bodies and lifestyles while simultaneously giving back by donating profits from sales towards charitable causes . His work not only helps those who wear it but also serves as inspiration for others looking use tech nology positively impact society .

In order further spread awareness about his project , Afegbua recently held an exhibition showcasing some of his creations alongside stories shared by customers who have benefited from wearing them . The event was attended by many influential figures including celebrities , politicians , business leaders , academics , journalists among others . It received positive feedback across media platforms worldwide highlighting how important initiatives like this are making difference in our communities today .

With continued support from partners like Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform which provides computing power needed run algorithms behind scenes plus growing demand products globally there no doubt will continue see success future endeavors too . As always we wish him best luck hope continues inspire us all strive create meaningful change world around us !

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