Musician Grimes willing To “Split 50% Royalties” With AI-Generated Music - Credit: Cointelegraph

Musician Grimes willing To “Split 50% Royalties” With AI-Generated Music

Musician Grimes has recently expressed her willingness to share 50% of the royalties from any AI-generated music with its creator. This is a bold move in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by human musicians and composers, but it could be a sign of things to come as artificial intelligence continues to develop.

Grimes made the announcement on Twitter, saying “I’m willing to split 50% of all royalties for any AI generated music w/ its creator.” She also noted that she was open to discussing other arrangements if necessary. The tweet quickly went viral, sparking conversations about how this could change the music industry and what implications it might have for artists who are already established in their respective genres.

The idea behind Grimes’ proposal is that AI-generated music should be treated like any other type of creative work – meaning that those who create it should receive some form of compensation for their efforts. It’s not clear yet how exactly this would work in practice or whether there are legal issues surrounding such an arrangement, but it’s certainly something worth exploring further as technology advances and more people become interested in creating computer-generated art forms like music.

It remains to be seen whether or not Grimes’ suggestion will gain traction within the industry, but one thing is certain: Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly capable when it comes to producing creative works, so we may soon see more collaborations between humans and machines when it comes to making music together. Whether these collaborations result in successful songs or not remains up for debate – only time will tell!

This news marks a major shift in attitudes towards artificial intelligence within the entertainment world; while many have been wary of embracing new technologies due to fears over job security or copyright infringement issues, Grimes’ statement shows that there can still be room for collaboration between humans and machines when it comes to creating art forms like music. As technology continues developing at breakneck speed, we may start seeing more examples of this kind of cooperation between man and machine sooner rather than later!

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