David Guetta Utilizes AI to Generate Deepfake Eminem Vocals for Latest Track - Credit: Consequence of Sound

David Guetta Utilizes AI to Generate Deepfake Eminem Vocals for Latest Track

David Guetta and Eminem have teamed up to create a new track using AI-generated deepfake vocals. The two music superstars are the first artists to use this technology in their work, and the results are truly remarkable.

The song, titled “Light Headed”, is an upbeat dance track that features both of their distinct styles. It was created with the help of AI-driven software developed by French startup Lyrebird. This software uses machine learning algorithms to generate realistic vocal performances from any audio source – including prerecorded samples or even live recordings of human voices.

The process begins by feeding the software a sample of each artist’s voice, which it then analyzes and breaks down into its component parts: pitch, timbre, vibrato etc.. From there it can recreate those same elements in any other sound file – allowing for seamless integration between different vocalists on one track. In this case David Guetta and Eminem were able to collaborate without ever having been in the same room together!

This isn’t just a gimmick either; Lyrebird’s technology has already been used on several major releases over the past few years – most notably on Kanye West’s 2018 album Ye where he employed deepfakes to add additional layers of vocals throughout his songs.

What makes David Guetta and Eminem’s collaboration so special is that they’ve taken things one step further by creating an entire song out of AI-generated deepfake vocals alone! This marks a huge milestone for artificial intelligence as well as music production techniques more generally; no longer do producers need access to expensive recording studios or multiple singers when creating tracks – all they need now is some basic audio files and some clever programming!

This breakthrough could potentially revolutionize how we make music going forward; not only does it open up exciting possibilities for collaborations between artists who would otherwise never be able to meet face-to-face (such as deceased musicians), but also allows producers greater flexibility when crafting their own unique sounds from scratch without relying too heavily on existing samples or loops. Furthermore, given how quickly AI technology continues to evolve at present rates we may soon see entirely computer generated albums becoming commonplace within our lifetime!

Overall this collaboration between David Guetta & Eminem represents yet another leap forward for modern music production techniques thanks largely due its utilization of cutting edge artificial intelligence tools such as Lyrebird’s deepfake software suite . Not only does this demonstrate what can be achieved through creative experimentation with emerging technologies but also serves as proof that even established stars like these two can still surprise us with something totally unexpected every once in awhile!

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