How AI thinks a rom-com from the Sussexes might look - Credit: Daily Mail

How AI thinks a rom-com from the Sussexes might look

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, first met in 2016, it was a chance encounter that would soon lead to one of the most talked-about royal romances. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) has imagined what their story could look like if it were turned into a romantic comedy.
The AI system used by researchers at Imperial College London analysed over 1,000 Hollywood films to create its own version of how Harry and Meghan’s love story might have unfolded on screen. It found that their fictional movie would likely feature an ‘unlikely’ couple who meet through friends or family members before embarking on an adventure together – perhaps even travelling abroad.
The AI also predicted that the film would include scenes featuring ’emotional turmoil’, such as arguments between the two characters or moments when they are separated from each other due to external pressures. The study concluded that these types of scenes are common in romantic comedies because they help build tension between the protagonists and ultimately make for a more satisfying ending when they eventually reunite.
However, despite all this drama there is still plenty of room for humour in any potential movie about Harry and Meghan’s romance; according to the research team’s findings, comedic elements often appear throughout romantic comedies as a way to lighten up otherwise intense situations.
Ultimately though, no matter what form it takes – whether it be a traditional rom-com or something more experimental – any cinematic adaptation of Harry and Meghan’s relationship will undoubtedly capture audiences around the world with its unique blend of real-life drama and fairy tale romance.
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