Poll Finds Americans Don't Trust AI and Want It Regulated - Credit: Datanami

Poll Finds Americans Don’t Trust AI and Want It Regulated

Americans are wary of artificial intelligence (AI) and want it to be regulated, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center. The survey found that only about one-third of Americans trust AI, while two-thirds believe it should be subject to government regulation.

The findings come as no surprise given the growing concerns over how AI is being used in our lives today. From facial recognition technology to automated decision making systems, there is an increasing fear that these technologies could lead to unintended consequences or even abuse by those who wield them.

At the same time, many people recognize the potential benefits of AI and its ability to automate mundane tasks and make life easier for humans. This has led some experts to call for a more balanced approach when it comes to regulating this powerful technology.

The Pew survey revealed that most Americans are not sure what kind of regulations should be put in place when it comes to AI use cases such as self-driving cars or facial recognition software. However, they do agree on one thing: They want governments around the world—including their own—to take action now before things get out of hand with this rapidly evolving technology.

This sentiment was echoed by respondents across all age groups and political affiliations surveyed in the study; regardless of background or beliefs, most people agreed that governments need to step up their efforts when it comes to regulating AI usage both domestically and internationally.

In addition, nearly three quarters (73%) said they would support laws requiring companies using AI algorithms for decisions like hiring or loan approvals have human oversight involved in order ensure fairness and accuracy in results produced by these algorithms . This suggests that people understand just how important transparency can be when dealing with complex technologies like artificial intelligence – something which will become increasingly important as we move forward into an ever more digital future where machines play an ever larger role in our daily lives .

It’s clear from this poll that Americans are aware of both sides of the coin when it comes Artificial Intelligence – understanding both its potential benefits but also its risks if left unchecked . As such , they’re calling on governments around the world – including their own -to take steps towards ensuring responsible use through effective regulation . With so much at stake , let’s hope lawmakers heed this call sooner rather than later .

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