Grimes Offers 50% Royalties on AI-Generated Music Using Her Voice - Credit: Decrypt

Grimes Offers 50% Royalties on AI-Generated Music Using Her Voice

Musician Grimes has announced a new partnership with music streaming platform Spotify that will allow her to share royalties from AI-generated music using her voice. The singer-songwriter, who is known for her experimental sound and unique style, is offering 50% of the royalties generated by the AI-generated songs to anyone who uses them in their own work.

The project was created in collaboration with Spotify’s Creator Technology Research Lab (CTRL) and allows users to create their own original compositions using samples of Grimes’ vocals. The technology works by analyzing audio recordings of Grimes’ singing and then creating an algorithm that can generate new melodies based on those recordings. Users can then manipulate these melodies to create entirely new pieces of music without having to use any additional instruments or software.

Grimes said she wanted this project to be accessible for everyone, regardless of their experience level when it comes to making music: “I want people from all backgrounds—from bedroom producers just starting out, all the way up through professional composers—to have access to my voice as a creative tool.” She also noted that she hopes this initiative will help open up opportunities for more women in the industry: “It’s important for me as an artist and female creator that I’m able to make something like this available so other creators don’t feel limited by traditional gatekeepers.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek praised Grimes’ efforts saying: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Grimes which further demonstrates our commitment towards enabling creativity within our platform while providing artists with meaningful compensation for their work”. He added: “This initiative not only provides fans with exciting new ways of experiencing art but also gives creators unprecedented control over how they monetize their work.”

The AI-generated tracks are now available on Spotify under the name ‘Grimes Generative Music’. Fans can listen directly via the app or download them onto other platforms such as Apple Music or SoundCloud. All downloads come complete with a license agreement granting users full rights over any derivative works they may create using these tracks – including 50% royalties paid directly back into Grimes’ pocket!

In addition, Spotify has launched a special website dedicated solely to showcasing user creations made using these AI-generated tracks – allowing fans around the world get inspired by each others’ work and collaborate together on projects too!

With this innovative project, it looks like we’re entering into a whole new era where artificial intelligence meets human creativity – one where musicians no longer need expensive equipment or years of training before being able start producing amazing tunes! We look forward seeing what else comes out from this exciting collaboration between two major players in today’s digital landscape.
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