Asmongold's Reaction to AI Version of Himself: "I Don't Know What to Say"

Asmongold’s Reaction to AI Version of Himself: I Don’t Know What to Say

Asmongold, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, was recently left speechless after being presented with an AI-generated version of himself.

The streamer had been invited to take part in a demonstration by NVIDIA’s Jarvis team, which specializes in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The team showed Asmongold a video that featured an AI-generated version of him speaking about his favorite game – World of Warcraft.

The AI-version of Asmongold spoke with remarkable accuracy and even managed to mimic his mannerisms and facial expressions perfectly. Needless to say, the real Asmongold was taken aback by what he saw. He said: “I don’t know what to say… I mean this is wild! It looks like me… it sounds like me… it moves like me! This is crazy!”

Asmongold wasn’t alone in his amazement at the technology demonstrated by NVIDIA’s Jarvis team; many viewers watching the live stream were also stunned by how accurate the AI-version of him was. One viewer commented: “That’s insane! I can’t believe how realistic it looks!” Another added: “This is so cool – you have no idea how much time they must have spent perfecting this.”

NVIDIA has been working hard on its artificial intelligence technology for some time now and this demonstration shows just how far they’ve come in terms of creating realistic digital versions of people using only audio recordings as input data. In fact, their work has become so advanced that they are now able to create lifelike avatars from scratch without any reference material whatsoever – something that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

It’s clear that we’re living in an age where advances in artificial intelligence are happening faster than ever before – something which could potentially revolutionize our lives over the coming years if used correctly. For example, these technologies could be used for medical purposes such as diagnosing diseases or helping doctors make more informed decisions when treating patients; they could also be used for entertainment purposes such as creating virtual worlds or interactive experiences; or even educational applications such as providing personalized learning experiences tailored specifically towards each individual student’s needs and abilities.

Whatever use cases end up becoming reality though, one thing remains certain – seeing Asmongold react with awe at NVIDIA’s latest creation serves as yet another reminder that we truly are living through a period where technological advancements are occurring at breakneck speed every single day

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