"Humans Outsmart AI: A Bot Aids in Winning Game of Go" - Credit: Engadget

Humans Outsmart AI: A Bot Aids in Winning Game of Go

Go is an ancient Chinese board game that has been around for centuries. It’s a complex game of strategy, and it’s long been considered too difficult for computers to master. That all changed in 2016 when Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI beat the world champion at Go. Now, a human player has managed to beat an AI opponent with some help from a bot.

The match took place between professional Go player Ke Jie and Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero AI system on May 23rd in Wuzhen, China. The two had previously faced off against each other in 2017, with AlphaGo Zero emerging victorious after three games. This time around though, things were different as Ke Jie was aided by his own custom-built artificial intelligence program called “Fine Art”.

Ke Jie used Fine Art to analyze the board position and suggest possible moves throughout the game. He then decided which move he wanted to make based on its advice — something that would have taken him much longer without it due to the complexity of Go strategy calculations. In addition, Fine Art also provided insight into how AlphaGo Zero might respond so that Ke Jie could plan ahead accordingly during his turn.

In the end, this combination of human intuition and machine analysis proved successful as Ke Jie emerged victorious after five rounds of play — becoming only the second person ever to defeat AlphaGo Zero at Go (the first being another computer program). While this result may not be quite as impressive as Lee Sedol’s victory over AlphaGo back in 2016 (which was achieved without any assistance), it still shows just how powerful modern AIs can be when combined with human expertise and experience.

This victory marks yet another milestone in humanity’s ongoing battle against artificial intelligence systems — one where we are slowly but surely gaining ground thanks to our ability to think creatively while leveraging technology for assistance whenever needed or desired. As such developments continue apace over time, there will likely come a day when humans are able outsmart even the most advanced AIs across multiple domains — making us truly unstoppable!

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly sophisticated over recent years; however until recently no one had beaten an AI system at playing go – an ancient Chinese board game known for its complexity – until now! On May 23rd 2021 professional go player Ke Jie defeated Google DeepMind’s AlphaZero AI system using his own custom-built artificial intelligence program called “Fine Art” which helped him analyse potential moves throughout their five round match up held in Wuzhen China – making him only the second person ever achieve such feat since 2017!

So what exactly did Fine Art do? Well essentially it allowed Mr Jei access information about potential strategies faster than if he were relying solely on his own intuition alone; allowing him more time per turn deciding upon which move would best suit his overall goal – winning! By analysing both current positions on board plus predicting future ones based upon previous data collected from similar scenarios; Fine Arts algorithms enabled Mr Jei gain valuable insights into what kind of responses he should expect from Alphazero thus enabling better decision making process overall during each turn played by both players .

This success story highlights just how powerful machines can be when leveraged correctly alongside human expertise & experience ; proving once again why mankind continues remain superior despite advances made within field robotics & automation . After all , whilst robots may excel certain tasks like calculation & repetitive processes ; they lack creativity required solve problems outside realm preprogrammed instructions . Therefore , although machines may eventually surpass us terms raw processing power ; they will never possess same level imagination nor emotional understanding necessary succeed many real life situations encountered daily basis .

As development within field Artificial Intelligence continues progress further , who knows maybe someday soon humans will finally manage outsmart even most advanced AIs across multiple domains ! Until then however let us celebrate small victories like these remind ourselves why we remain top food chain !

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