Microsoft Offers Personalization Options for Bing's AI Chatbot - Credit: Engadget

Microsoft Offers Personalization Options for Bing’s AI Chatbot

Microsoft has recently announced a new feature for its Bing AI chatbot that allows users to customize the bot’s personality. The company says this will make it easier for people to interact with the chatbot and create more meaningful conversations.

The new feature, called “Personality Options,” is available in both English and Chinese languages. It gives users the ability to choose from four different personalities: friendly, professional, humorous, or serious. Each of these personalities has its own set of responses and reactions that are tailored to fit each user’s individual needs.

For example, if you select the friendly option then your conversation with Bing AI will be filled with positive affirmations such as “That sounds great!” or “I’m so glad you’re here.” On the other hand, selecting the professional option will give you more formal responses like “Let me look into that” or “I’ll get back to you shortly.”

In addition to providing personalized responses based on your chosen personality type, Microsoft also claims that their AI technology can detect when someone is feeling down or frustrated during a conversation and respond accordingly by offering words of encouragement or advice. This could help make interactions between humans and machines much smoother than before.

Microsoft believes this new feature will help improve customer service experiences by allowing customers to have more natural conversations with bots instead of just typing out commands in order for them to understand what they want done. Additionally, it could also provide businesses with valuable insights about how their customers feel about certain topics which can be used for marketing purposes as well as product development initiatives.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first foray into making conversational AI more human-like; earlier this year they released an update for Cortana which allowed her voice assistant capabilities become even smarter through machine learning algorithms trained on real-world data sets from millions of users around the world who use Windows 10 devices daily. With Personality Options now available on Bing AI Chatbot too, Microsoft is continuing its efforts towards making artificial intelligence even closer resemble actual human interaction – something many experts believe is necessary if we ever hope to achieve true artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Overall, Microsoft’s latest move shows us just how far conversational AI technology has come over recent years – not only does it allow us communicate better but it also provides us with deeper insights into our customers’ feelings and preferences which can ultimately lead businesses towards greater success in terms of customer satisfaction levels as well as overall profitability margins due increased efficiency gains made possible through automation technologies like these ones provided by Microsoft’s suite of products & services today!

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