"Race Against Sony's AI Champion in 'Gran Turismo 7' the Morning After" - Credit: Engadget

Race Against Sony’s AI Champion in ‘Gran Turismo 7’ the Morning After

Sony’s Gran Turismo 7 is the latest installment in the long-running racing game series, and it features a new AI driver that has been designed to be unbeatable. This AI driver, known as “Champion,” was put to the test by Engadget’s own Chris Velazco who attempted to beat Champion in a race around Tokyo Expressway South Loop.

The challenge began with Chris selecting his car of choice: an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo. He then had to choose which difficulty level he wanted to race at; after some deliberation, he chose Professional – one step below Champion’s Expert setting. After making sure all settings were correct, it was time for the race!

Chris quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be easy; despite having chosen a car with superior stats compared to Champion’s Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo, he found himself lagging behind from the start. The gap between them widened as they raced through Tokyo Expressway South Loop and soon enough, Chris was trailing far behind Champion.

Despite being outmatched by Sony’s AI driver throughout most of the race, Chris managed to make up some ground towards its end due largely in part thanks to some well-timed braking maneuvers and cornering techniques – but unfortunately not enough for him overtake or even catch up with Champion before crossing the finish line first.

While disappointed at not being able take on Sony’s champion AI head-on and win against it (at least this time), Chris still enjoyed his experience playing Gran Turismo 7 immensely – especially since it gave him an opportunity try out different cars on various tracks while also testing his driving skills against an advanced artificial intelligence system like no other seen before in any racing game thus far!

It goes without saying that Sony has created something truly special with their latest installment of Gran Turismo 7; not only does it feature stunning graphics and realistic physics engine but also includes an incredibly challenging yet rewarding AI opponent called “Champion” which can give players hours upon hours of entertainment trying their best (and sometimes failing) at beating its formidable skill set on various tracks across multiple difficulty levels!

Engadget recently put this new technology from Sony through its paces when our very own Chris Velazco decided take on “Champion” head-on in a thrilling race around Tokyo Expressway South Loop using an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo versus Championship’s Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo set at Professional difficulty level – one step below Expert where “Champion” resides! Despite putting up quite a fight during most parts of this intense battle between man vs machine, ultimately “Champion” emerged victorious over our intrepid racer proving once again why Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly more powerful each day!

However just because you may have lost your first encounter against “Champion”, don’t let that discourage you from giving Gran Turismo 7 another go as there are plenty more opportunities waiting for you within its expansive world full of exciting races both online & offline plus tons customization options allowing you create your dream vehicle so get ready buckle up & hit those gas pedals now!!

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