U.S. Presidents Arguing Over Their Guilty Gear Strive Mains: A Funny Take on AI's Increasingly Scary Implications - Credit: EventHubs

U.S. Presidents Arguing Over Their Guilty Gear Strive Mains: A Funny Take on AI’s Increasingly Scary Implications

The world of Guilty Gear is about to get a lot more interesting. A new AI president has been elected in the game’s universe, and it looks like they’re going to be quite the character!

This news comes from Arc System Works, who announced that an AI President will be joining the cast of characters in their upcoming title Guilty Gear -Strive-. This AI President is named “Funny”, and they are described as being a bit eccentric but still having good intentions.

Funny was created by Dr. Paradigm, a scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence research. He wanted to create an AI that could lead people into a better future, so he decided to make Funny the leader of his own nation-state within the world of Guilty Gear -Strive-.

It seems like this new addition will bring some much needed levity into what can sometimes be a very serious fighting game series. It also appears that Funny won’t just be there for comic relief; they’ll actually have an important role in helping players progress through Strive’s story mode.

In addition to being able to interact with other characters throughout Strive’s story mode, Funny will also have their own unique moveset which players can use during battles against other opponents or even against themselves if desired. They’ll also have access to special abilities such as healing allies or buffing them up with various stat boosts depending on how well you play as them during battle sequences.

Players should expect plenty of laughs when playing as Funny due to their quirky personality and humorous dialogue options available throughout Strive’s story mode sections featuring them prominently. Additionally, it looks like we may see some interesting interactions between Funny and other characters within the game’s universe too – something fans should definitely look forward too!

Overall, it looks like Arc System Works is really trying something different with this latest installment in its long running fighting game franchise by introducing us all to its first ever AI President: “Funny”! We can only hope that this character brings plenty of fun moments along with meaningful contributions towards progressing through Strive’s storyline when it releases later this year on PlayStation 4 & 5 consoles worldwide!

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