AI Celebrity Deepfakes Are Over: Hoaxes As Entertainment Are Just Beginning - Credit: Fast Company

AI Celebrity Deepfakes Are Over: Hoaxes As Entertainment Are Just Beginning

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in the entertainment industry. From deepfakes to virtual reality, AI technology has allowed us to create experiences that were previously impossible. But now, it seems like the era of AI celebrity deepfakes is coming to an end and a new form of entertainment is emerging: hoaxes as entertainment.

Hoaxes have long been used for comedic effect or even political satire, but with the advent of social media they’ve become much more accessible and widespread. Nowadays, anyone can create a fake news story or video and share it on their favorite platform in minutes. This makes them incredibly powerful tools for creating buzz around certain topics or ideas – whether real or not – and engaging audiences in ways never before possible.

One example of this phenomenon was seen recently when a group called “Yes Men” created an elaborate hoax involving Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign announcement video being released early by mistake. The video went viral within hours, sparking conversations about what could happen if Trump actually did announce his candidacy early – something he had yet to do at the time!

But while hoaxes are becoming increasingly popular as forms of entertainment, there are some potential drawbacks that need to be considered before embracing them too enthusiastically. For one thing, they can easily be misinterpreted as truth by those who don’t take the time to verify their authenticity; this could lead to confusion among viewers and potentially damaging consequences if taken out of context. Additionally, there may also be legal implications depending on how far creators go with their content; copyright infringement is always a risk when using someone else’s work without permission (even if done so satirically).

Ultimately though, hoaxes offer unique opportunities for creative expression that weren’t available until recently thanks to advances in technology such as AI-generated videos and images which make them easier than ever before to produce convincingly realistic content quickly and cheaply from home computers . As long as creators remain mindful about potential pitfalls associated with these types of projects , we should expect more entertaining hoaxes popping up online over the coming years .

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