Adam Driver Clones, ChatGPT, and Clueless AI in Super Bowl 2023 Ads - Credit: Forbes

Adam Driver Clones, ChatGPT, and Clueless AI in Super Bowl 2023 Ads

The 2023 Super Bowl is sure to be an exciting event, with some of the most innovative and creative advertisements ever seen. This year’s ads will feature a variety of themes, from Adam Driver clones to ChatGPT and Clueless AI. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this year’s Super Bowl commercials!

Adam Driver Clones: The actor known for his roles in Star Wars and Marriage Story has been tapped by several companies to appear in their Super Bowl ads as clones of himself. These clones will be used to promote products ranging from cars to food items. It’ll be interesting to see how these clone versions of Adam Driver interact with each other on screen!

ChatGPT: ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand user input and generate responses accordingly. Companies are using this technology in their Super Bowl ads this year, allowing viewers to engage directly with the product or service being advertised through conversation-like interactions.

Clueless AI: Another form of AI being used in this year’s Super Bowl commercials is “Clueless AI” – which refers specifically to bots that don’t have any real understanding or context about what they’re talking about but still manage to provide helpful information or advice when asked questions related to the product or service being promoted during the ad break. We can expect some humorous moments as these clueless AIs attempt (and often fail!) To answer viewer inquiries!

Augmented Reality Ads: Augmented reality (AR) has become increasingly popular over recent years, so it comes as no surprise that companies are taking advantage of its potential for use in advertising campaigns too! AR-based ads allow viewers not only watch traditional television spots but also experience them more deeply by interacting with virtual elements within them – such as 3D models, animations, etc.. This could make for some truly unique experiences during commercial breaks come February 7th!

Overall, there’s no doubt that advertisers are pushing boundaries when it comes creating memorable content for the 2023 Super Bowl season – whether it’s through cloning actors like Adam Driver or utilizing cutting edge technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence chatbots. As always though, we won’t know exactly what surprises await us until game day arrives – so stay tuned for all your favorite brands’ latest offerings come February 7th!

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