Adobe Experience Manager Introduces AI-Driven Content Analysis and No-Code Web Editing - Credit: Forbes

Adobe Experience Manager Introduces AI-Driven Content Analysis and No-Code Web Editing

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful content management system that helps businesses create, manage, and deliver digital experiences across multiple channels. Now, Adobe has added AI-powered content insights to AEM to make it even easier for marketers and web developers to create engaging websites without the need for coding.

The new feature in AEM allows users to quickly analyze website performance data and identify areas of improvement with just a few clicks. This can help them optimize their sites for better user engagement and conversions. Additionally, the AI-powered insights provide recommendations on how to improve page speed, SEO rankings, mobile responsiveness, accessibility compliance, and more.

With this new capability in AEM, marketers no longer have to rely solely on web developers or IT teams when making changes or updates to their websites. They can now use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor within AEM’s Content Services platform to easily edit pages without any coding knowledge required. The editor also provides real-time previews so users can see exactly what their changes will look like before they publish them live on the site.

In addition to its no code editing capabilities, Adobe Experience Manager also offers advanced analytics tools that allow marketers track visitor behavior across all devices as well as measure key metrics such as bounce rate and time spent on page. With these insights at hand they are able to gain valuable insight into customer preferences which can be used inform future marketing campaigns or product development initiatives .

Furthermore , by leveraging machine learning algorithms , Adobe Experience Manager is ableto automatically detect anomalies in website performance data . This enables marketers tounderstand why certain pages may not be performing up tot heir expectations , allowingthem take corrective action accordingly . For example , if an ecommerce store noticesa sudden drop off in sales from one particular page , they could use AI – poweredinsights from AEM determine whether there was an issue with loading times or othertechnical issues causing customers abandon checkout process .

Overall , Adobe Experience Manager’s latest update makes it easier than ever formarketers build beautiful websites without having write any code themselves . Bycombining intuitive design tools with powerful analytics capabilities powered bymachine learning algorithms , businesses are now ablet o get deeper understandingof customer behaviour while optimizing their online presence for maximum impact .

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