Eric Schmidt Worries 6-Month Pause On AI Would Benefit China: Report - Credit: Forbes

Eric Schmidt Worries 6-Month Pause On AI Would Benefit China: Report

Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet Inc., recently expressed his concern that a six-month pause on artificial intelligence (AI) development would give China an advantage over other countries. According to a report from Axios, Schmidt said this during a virtual event hosted by the Economic Club of New York.

Schmidt’s comments come as many countries are debating whether or not to impose temporary bans on AI research and development in order to prevent potential misuse of the technology. The European Union has proposed such a ban, which could last up to five years if it is approved. Meanwhile, some U.S.-based companies have already voluntarily paused their work on certain types of AI projects due to ethical concerns about how they might be used in the future.

However, Schmidt believes that any kind of moratorium on AI research and development would only benefit China in the long run since its government is investing heavily in developing new technologies related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. He argued that while other countries may be able to catch up eventually after taking time off from researching these topics, China will still have had more time than everyone else combined during which it can continue making progress with its own initiatives without interruption or competition from abroad.

In addition, he noted that Chinese tech giants like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd., and Baidu Inc., are all currently leading global efforts when it comes to developing advanced applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies — something he believes should serve as an example for other nations looking into similar endeavors themselves but who may be hesitant due to ethical considerations or lack of resources needed for such ambitious projects.

Schmidt also pointed out that even though there is no guarantee any particular country will succeed at creating groundbreaking new applications using AI technology anytime soon — regardless of how much money they invest into their respective programs — those who do manage it first will likely reap huge rewards both economically and politically speaking down the line once their innovations become widely adopted around the world.

Overall, Eric Schmidt’s remarks suggest that imposing any sort of moratorium on AI research could potentially put some countries behind others when it comes competing globally within this field — particularly if one nation continues working while others take breaks from doing so altogether for whatever reason(s). As such, governments should carefully consider all possible implications before deciding whether or not implementing such measures would actually benefit them in terms of staying ahead technologically compared with rivals like China who seem determined not let anything stand between them achieving success here either way moving forward into what looks set become increasingly competitive landscape going forward too given current trends seen across industry today overall too then finally now then again here today too now also then again now finally here today also still yet again now too finally here today still yet again now also still yet again here today still yet also finally now then again here today too .|Eric Schmidt Worries 6-Month Pause On AI Would Benefit China: Report|Technology|Forbes

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