Ford Introduces New Enterprise Dedicated to Driver Assistance Technology and Artificial Intelligence - Credit: Forbes

Ford Introduces New Enterprise Dedicated to Driver Assistance Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Ford Motor Company has announced the launch of a new company, Latitude AI, which will focus on developing driver-assist technologies. The new venture is part of Ford’s ongoing effort to make driving safer and more efficient for its customers.

Latitude AI will be led by CEO John Davis, who previously served as vice president of engineering at Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC (FAV). Under his leadership, FAV developed the first fully autonomous vehicle in production. With this experience under his belt, Davis is well positioned to lead Latitude AI in its mission to develop advanced driver-assist technologies that can help reduce collisions and improve safety on the roads.

The new company will leverage existing technology from both Ford and other companies to create innovative solutions for drivers. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect potential hazards before they occur and alerting drivers so they can take action if necessary. Additionally, Latitude AI plans to use machine learning techniques such as deep neural networks and computer vision systems to better understand how vehicles interact with their environment in order to provide more accurate predictions about potential risks or dangers ahead of time.

In addition to developing these advanced driver-assist technologies, Latitude AI also plans on creating an open platform that allows developers from around the world access data collected by Ford vehicles equipped with their technology so they can build applications tailored specifically for those cars. This could include apps designed for navigation assistance or even entertainment purposes like streaming music or movies while driving safely without distractions from outside sources.

Ford believes that this type of innovation is essential in order for them stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing automotive industry where autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due their convenience and safety features compared traditional cars driven manually by humans alone . By launching Latitude AI , Ford hopes it will become a leader when it comes providing cutting edge driver assistive technologies that not only keep people safe but also make life easier behind wheel .

By investing heavily into research development , testing , manufacturing , marketing , sales support services related these products ; Ford expects have full portfolio available within next few years . In meantime however; company already begun working closely with select partners start building out initial product line up expected hit market later year .

Overall; launching this new venture marks another milestone towards achieving goal making transportation smarter safer through use modern day tech advancements such automated braking systems lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control etcetera . It’s clear that future mobility lies hands companies like Ford who are willing invest resources into creating revolutionary products services benefit society whole rather than just individual customer base itself .

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