IBM Research Introduces AI Supercomputer to Power Foundation AI - Credit: Forbes

IBM Research Introduces AI Supercomputer to Power Foundation AI

IBM Research recently announced the launch of its new AI supercomputer, which is designed to provide a foundation for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The system, called IBM Power Systems AC922, is powered by the latest POWER9 processor and NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. It also includes an optimized version of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform that enables developers to quickly deploy and manage containerized workloads on-premises or in the cloud.

The announcement marks a major milestone for IBM Research as it continues to push forward with its efforts to develop advanced AI technologies. With this new system, IBM hopes to enable organizations around the world to take advantage of powerful AI capabilities without having to invest heavily in hardware infrastructure or specialized software development teams.

The Power Systems AC922 was specifically designed with deep learning and other cognitive computing tasks in mind. It features two 22-core POWER9 processors along with four NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs connected via NVLink 2.0 technology for high speed data transfer between components. This combination provides up to 8x faster performance than previous generations of systems while consuming less power per watt than ever before – making it ideal for large scale machine learning projects that require significant computational resources but don’t necessarily need ultra-high performance levels from their hardware platform.

In addition, the system comes preloaded with an optimized version of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform which allows users to easily deploy and manage containerized workloads both on premises and in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), etc., without needing any additional software licenses or support contracts from those providers themselves – saving time and money when compared against traditional approaches like virtual machines (VMs).

This makes it easier than ever before for organizations looking into developing their own custom AI solutions using open source frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch – allowing them access all necessary tools right out of the box without having worry about setting up complex environments first hand themselves.. Furthermore, since these containers are built upon industry standard Kubernetes orchestration layer they can be deployed across multiple platforms simultaneously ensuring maximum portability between different infrastructures if needed down the line at some point later on during project lifecycle management process itself too!

Overall this new offering from IBM Research looks set revolutionize how businesses approach building their own custom Artificial Intelligence solutions going forward – providing them not only with powerful hardware capable enough running even most demanding Machine Learning algorithms but also giving them easy access various popular open source frameworks through integrated containerization layer thus eliminating need dealing tedious setup processes beforehand altogether! All said done we can expect see more companies taking advantage this technology over coming months years ahead us now finally being able make use all potential benefits associated deploying modern day AIs within enterprise environment much more efficiently cost effectively manner then ever before possible today!

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