Republicans Launch Eerie AI-Generated Attack Ad On Biden - Credit: Forbes

Republicans Launch Eerie AI-Generated Attack Ad On Biden

In a move that has been described as both innovative and eerie, the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently launched an attack ad against President Joe Biden using artificial intelligence (AI). The video, which was created by AI technology company Unanimous AI, features a computer-generated voiceover criticizing the president’s policies.

The ad begins with a narrator saying “Joe Biden promised to unite America but his policies are dividing us.” It then goes on to list several of the president’s policy decisions such as raising taxes and increasing government spending. The video ends with the same narrator asking viewers if they think this is what unity looks like.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have used AI in their political campaigns. In 2020, Donald Trump’s campaign used AI to target potential voters based on their online behavior and interests. However, this is one of the first times an attack ad has been generated entirely by artificial intelligence technology.

Unanimous AI CEO Louis Rosenberg said he believes this type of technology could revolutionize political advertising in general because it allows for more personalized messages tailored specifically for each voter group or demographic segment being targeted. He also noted that it can be done quickly and efficiently without having to rely on expensive human labor or resources typically associated with traditional media campaigns.

The use of artificial intelligence in politics is still relatively new but its potential implications are far reaching and could drastically change how politicians communicate with their constituents going forward. While some may find these types of ads unsettling due to their lack of humanity, others may see them as an effective way for candidates to reach out directly to voters without having to go through costly middlemen or third parties who often add little value beyond taking a cut from any donations received from supporters during election cycles .

It remains unclear whether other political parties will follow suit when it comes to utilizing advanced technologies like AI in order create personalized messaging for different audiences but one thing is certain: we live in interesting times where anything seems possible when it comes down politics today!

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