A.I.'s Seizing 'Master Key' Warns Sapiens Author Yuval Harari - Credit: Fortune

A.I.’s Seizing ‘Master Key’ Warns Sapiens Author Yuval Harari

In recent years, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been a cause for both excitement and concern. On one hand, A.I. promises to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, from healthcare to transportation; on the other hand, it raises questions about how much control we should give machines over our lives and whether or not they can be trusted with such power. Israeli historian Yuval Harari recently weighed in on this debate during an interview with OpenAI’s AI Chatbot GPT-4 Chatpt at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

Harari warned that A.I., if left unchecked, could become “the master key of civilization” – a tool that could be used by those who wield it for their own benefit rather than for the good of society as a whole. He argued that while technology is often seen as neutral and beneficial to all parties involved, its potential misuse means that governments must take steps now to ensure its responsible use in the future: “We cannot afford to lose control over these technologies because whoever controls them will have tremendous power over us… We need regulations now so that when these technologies come into full force we are ready.”

The author also noted some potential benefits of A.I., particularly when it comes to improving access to education and health care services around the world: “It can help us bridge gaps between different countries and cultures by providing equal access [to] knowledge… It can also help us provide better medical care by diagnosing diseases more accurately or even predicting them before they occur.” However, he cautioned against relying too heavily on machines alone: “We still need human judgment,” he said; “we still need people who understand what’s going on behind all these algorithms.”

Harari concluded his remarks by emphasizing once again just how important it is for governments around the world to act now in order to regulate A.I.: “If we don’t do something about this soon then I’m afraid there won’t be any humans left making decisions anymore – only robots!” His warning serves as yet another reminder of why regulation needs to keep up with technological advances if humanity is going remain in control of its own destiny moving forward into an increasingly automated future. |A.I.’s Seizing ‘Master Key’ Warns Sapiens Author Yuval Harari|Technology|Fortune

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