Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn't support a 6-month A.I pause 'because it will simply benefit China' - Credit: Fortune

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t support a 6-month A.I pause ‘because it will simply benefit China’

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently spoke out against the idea of a 6-month pause on artificial intelligence (A.I.) research, citing that it would only benefit China in the long run. The suggestion for a moratorium was made by Elon Musk, who argued that A.I. could be used to create autonomous weapons and cause harm if not properly regulated.
Schmidt believes that such an action would give China an advantage over other countries when it comes to technological advancement, as they have already invested heavily in A.I.-related projects and initiatives with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He also noted that while regulation is important, halting progress altogether will only put us behind our competitors in terms of innovation and development – something we cannot afford to do given the current global climate.
The former Google CEO went on to say that instead of pausing research entirely, governments should focus their efforts on creating ethical frameworks for how A.I.-powered technology can be used responsibly and safely without sacrificing progress or potential benefits for society at large; this includes ensuring data privacy protection measures are taken seriously by companies developing these technologies as well as providing adequate resources for those affected by job displacement due to automation advancements being made today and into the future.
In addition, Schmidt highlighted OpenAI’s ChatGPT project as an example of how responsible use of A.I.-driven technology can lead to positive outcomes; he praised its ability to generate natural language conversations between two people using machine learning algorithms without any human input whatsoever – something which has been seen before but never quite achieved at this level before now! This type of breakthrough could potentially revolutionize communication across all industries from customer service chatbots through healthcare applications right up until education platforms like virtual classrooms where students interact with each other via AI-generated avatars rather than real people themselves – all possibilities which must be explored further if we want our societies remain competitive globally going forward into 2021 onwards..
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