Ford Launches Latitude AI Subsidiary to Advance Automated Driving Technology - Credit: Fox 2 Detroit

Ford Launches Latitude AI Subsidiary to Advance Automated Driving Technology

Ford Motor Company recently announced the launch of its new subsidiary, Latitude AI. The company is dedicated to developing automated driving technology and will be based in Detroit, Michigan.

Latitude AI was created with the goal of advancing Ford’s efforts to develop self-driving vehicles that are safe, reliable and accessible for all. The team at Latitude AI will focus on creating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as well as fully autonomous vehicle technologies. This includes research into artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and sensor fusion technologies that can help make cars smarter and safer than ever before.

The team at Latitude AI consists of experts from a variety of disciplines including software engineering, robotics, automotive design and safety engineering. They have already begun working on projects such as an automated parking system which uses sensors to detect obstacles in order to safely guide a car into a parking spot without any human intervention required.

In addition to this project, the team is also researching how they can use data collected from connected vehicles in order to improve safety features such as lane keeping assist or adaptive cruise control systems which can help drivers stay within their lanes or maintain a safe distance between them and other cars on the road respectively.

The ultimate goal for Latitude AI is not only to create innovative products but also provide solutions that are affordable enough so that everyone has access to them regardless of income level or geographic location. To achieve this goal they plan on leveraging partnerships with universities around the world who specialize in different aspects related to autonomous vehicle development such as computer science or mechanical engineering departments at top universities like MIT or Stanford University among others .

Ford believes that by investing in cutting edge technology through subsidiaries like Latitude AI it will enable them remain competitive while helping move society forward towards more sustainable transportation options for everyone involved . As Jim Farley , President & CEO , said “We believe our investments today will ensure we remain leaders tomorrow when it comes delivering smart mobility solutions.”

With advancements being made every day towards making self-driving cars more commonplace , companies like Ford understand just how important it is invest heavily into research now so they don’t get left behind later down the line . By launching subsidiaries like Latitude AI , Ford hopes not only be able compete against other automakers but also become pioneers when it comes introducing revolutionary new technologies into mainstream markets across globe .

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