AI Music App Moises Tops 30 Million Registered Users - Credit: Fox Business

AI Music App Moises Tops 30 Million Registered Users

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the music industry, and one of its most popular apps, Moises, has just reached a major milestone. The app recently announced that it now has over 30 million registered users worldwide.
Moises was created by a team of AI experts who wanted to make it easier for people to discover new music and create their own unique soundtracks. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze user preferences and suggest songs they might like based on their listening history. Users can also customize playlists with their favorite genres or artists, as well as share them with friends.
The app’s success is due in part to its intuitive design which makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of technical skill level. Additionally, Moises offers an extensive library of tracks from both independent and mainstream artists so there’s something for everyone’s taste.
In addition to being popular among casual listeners, Moises is also gaining traction among professional DJs who are using the platform to find new material for their sets or remixes of existing songs. This has helped the app become even more successful as more people are exposed to its features through live performances at clubs and festivals around the world.
It’s clear that AI-powered music apps like Moises have changed how we listen and interact with our favorite tunes – making it easier than ever before for us all enjoy great music no matter where we are or what device we’re using! With over 30 million registered users already onboarded onto this revolutionary platform, there’s no telling how far this technology will take us next!
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