US Navy To Use Unmanned , AI - Driven Ships To Counter Smuggling , Illegal Fishing - Credit: Fox Business

US Navy To Use Unmanned , AI – Driven Ships To Counter Smuggling , Illegal Fishing

The US Navy is looking to the future of maritime security with a new initiative that involves using unmanned, AI-driven ships to counter smuggling and illegal fishing. The project, which is being developed by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), will use autonomous vessels equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities to patrol waters around the world.

The goal of this program is to create an effective way for the Navy to monitor large areas without having to deploy personnel or resources on a regular basis. By utilizing unmanned vessels, they can reduce costs while still maintaining a presence in strategic locations. Additionally, these ships are expected to be able to detect suspicious activity more quickly than traditional methods due to their advanced sensing capabilities and AI algorithms.

These autonomous vessels will be equipped with various types of sensors including radar, sonar, cameras and infrared detectors that can detect objects both above and below water level. They will also have sophisticated computer vision systems that allow them identify objects such as boats or other marine life from long distances away. In addition, they will feature machine learning algorithms that enable them recognize patterns in data collected from their sensors so they can better distinguish between legitimate activities like fishing versus illegal activities like drug trafficking or piracy.

The ONR has already tested out some prototypes in simulated environments but plans on conducting real-world trials soon as well. If successful, these autonomous ships could become an important part of naval operations all over the world by providing increased surveillance capabilities at lower cost than traditional methods would require. This could help make our oceans safer for everyone who uses them while also helping protect against criminal activity such as human trafficking or illegal fishing practices which threaten ocean ecosystems worldwide .

Overall this project shows how technology continues push boundaries when it comes protecting our seas from threats both known unknowns alike . With its combination of advanced sensing technologies , AI algorithms , and autonomy , this program promises provide powerful tool for keeping our oceans safe now into future . |US Navy To Use Unmanned , AI – Driven Ships To Counter Smuggling , Illegal Fishing|Technology|Fox Business

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