Artificial Intelligence 'Godfather' On AI Possibly Wiping Out Humanity: ‘It's Not Inconceivable’ - Credit: Fox News

Artificial Intelligence ‘Godfather’ On AI Possibly Wiping Out Humanity: ‘It’s Not Inconceivable’

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in the tech world for years, and its potential to revolutionize our lives is undeniable. But with great power comes great responsibility, and AI’s godfather, Professor Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto, recently warned that it could lead to humanity’s extinction if not handled properly.
In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Hinton said that while he doesn’t think AI will wipe out humanity anytime soon, “it’s not inconceivable.” He went on to explain that if we don’t take steps now to ensure AI is developed responsibly then it could eventually become so powerful that humans would no longer be able to control it.
Hinton believes this risk can be mitigated by ensuring there are safeguards built into any system using artificial intelligence. This includes making sure there are ethical considerations taken into account when developing algorithms and giving machines access to data sets which reflect real-world situations accurately. Additionally, he suggests having independent oversight over any development process involving AI technology as well as creating systems which allow us to shut down or modify an algorithm if necessary.
The professor also noted how important it is for people who work in the field of artificial intelligence research and development have a good understanding of ethics and morality before they start working on projects involving machine learning or deep learning technologies. He believes this will help prevent potentially catastrophic mistakes from being made due to lack of knowledge about these topics or simply overlooking them altogether.
Ultimately though, Hinton says the best way forward is for everyone involved in developing artificial intelligence technology – from researchers all the way up through government regulators – must come together and agree upon standards which prioritize safety first above all else when creating new systems powered by AI algorithms.
It’s clear from Professor Hinton’s comments that while we should embrace advances in artificial intelligence technology with enthusiasm; caution must also be exercised at every step along the way so as not avoid any unintended consequences such as wiping out humanity entirely due too careless use of this powerful toolset . | Artificial Intelligence ‘Godfather’ On AI Possibly Wiping Out Humanity: ‘It’s Not Inconceivable’| Technology | Fox News

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