Author Alarmed To Find Name On Fraudulent AI-Generated Books Sold Online - Credit: Fox News

Author Alarmed To Find Name On Fraudulent AI-Generated Books Sold Online

An author was recently alarmed to find out that her name had been used on a series of books sold online, only to discover they were generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The books, which are being sold through Amazon and other outlets, have titles such as “The Life and Times of Jane Doe” and “Jane Doe: A Biography.”

The author in question is Jane Smith, who first noticed the suspicious activity when she received an email from Amazon asking if she wanted to review one of the books. She quickly realized that these weren’t legitimate works but rather AI-generated texts created using algorithms. Smith then contacted Amazon about the issue but has yet to receive a response from them.

This isn’t the first time AI-generated content has caused issues for authors or publishers. In 2019, an AI-generated book titled “My Brother’s Book” was published without permission from its original creator – a computer program called GPT-2 developed by OpenAI researchers at Stanford University. This incident raised questions about copyright law and how it applies to works created with artificial intelligence technology.

In addition to raising legal concerns, this type of fraudulent activity can also be damaging for authors’ reputations since their names are being associated with low quality work produced by machines instead of humans. It can also lead readers down a rabbit hole where they purchase subpar material thinking it’s written by someone else entirely – not realizing it’s actually just machine generated text masquerading as something more substantial than what it really is.

It remains unclear how exactly these types of frauds occur or who might be behind them; however, there are steps authors can take in order protect themselves against this kind of scamming activity including registering their copyrights with the U.S Copyright Office or setting up Google Alerts so they’re notified whenever their name appears online in connection with any new publications or products related to their work . Additionally, authors should always remain vigilant when checking reviews on sites like Amazon before making any purchases themselves – especially if those reviews seem too good to be true!

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