'Biden Criticized for Prioritizing AI 'Equity' in 2024 Campaign and Other Top Stories' - Credit: Fox News

‘Biden Criticized for Prioritizing AI ‘Equity’ in 2024 Campaign and Other Top Stories’

President Biden is facing criticism for his push to focus on equity in artificial intelligence (AI). Meanwhile, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a message for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. These are some of the top headlines making news today.

President Joe Biden’s administration is being criticized by Republicans and tech industry leaders alike over its plan to prioritize equity in AI development. The White House released a statement last week outlining their plans to invest $1 billion into research and development of AI technology that would be focused on “equity, fairness, safety, privacy and security” as well as “ensuring trustworthiness” in the technology.

The move was met with opposition from both sides of the aisle due to concerns about how it could stifle innovation or lead to government interference in private sector decisions. Republican Senator Rob Portman said he was worried that such an approach could limit economic growth while GOP Congressman Jim Banks argued that it would make America less competitive globally when it comes to developing new technologies. Tech industry leaders also expressed concern about how this policy might affect their ability to innovate freely without government intervention or oversight.

Meanwhile, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin had some strong words for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after he announced plans last week to open up all businesses across the state despite rising COVID-19 cases there. In an interview with Fox News Sunday morning she said: “It’s not just irresponsible but reckless… We need leadership right now more than ever.” She went on further saying: “We have got governors who are playing politics instead of doing what they should be doing which is protecting people.” Her comments come at a time when many states are struggling with increasing numbers of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations amid fears of another surge this winter season if restrictions aren’t put back into place soon enough.

In other news, President Biden has nominated California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as his Health Secretary pick – a decision which has been met with both praise and criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle due largely to Becerra’s lack of medical experience but extensive political background including stints in Congress and leading California’s Department Of Justice since 2017 where he championed progressive causes like abortion rights protection laws and fighting against climate change initiatives among others things . His nomination must still be approved by Congress before taking office however so we will have wait until then see if he officially takes over HHS later this year or not..

As part of President Biden’s commitment towards creating equitable access through Artificial Intelligence (AI), his administration recently announced plans for investing one billion dollars into research & development projects related specifically towards ensuring trustworthiness within these technologies while also focusing upon issues such as fairness & safety along with privacy & security protocols too; something which hasn’t gone down too well amongst certain sections within society – particularly those from either side politically speaking plus tech industry professionals who fear potential governmental interference regarding their own individual innovations moving forward potentially limiting any future economic growth opportunities available here domestically whilst simultaneously reducing our global competitiveness abroad too unfortunately!

Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin meanwhile had her own thoughts regarding recent actions taken by current Floridian leader Ron Desantis concerning opening up all businesses throughout his state regardless despite ongoing Covid-19 pandemic worries currently present there; branding them ‘irresponsible’ & ‘reckless’ during an appearance made upon Fox News Sunday Morning Show earlier this past weekend – adding further emphasis upon needing better leadership now more than ever before given current circumstances faced worldwide today!

Finally yet importantly though President Joe Biden did nominate Californian attorney general Xavier Becerra recently too as part health secretary pick although reactions received thus far appear somewhat mixed overall depending upon whom you ask; mainly because Mr Becerra doesn’t possess any real medical expertise himself yet does boast plenty political experience having served previously within congress alongside heading up Golden State justice department since 2017 whereupon championing various progressive causes including abortion rights protection laws plus combating climate change initiatives etcetera were amongst key priorities undertaken successfully during tenure held there! Nevertheless confirmation process must still take place first prior him assuming role officially so only time will tell whether happens eventually or otherwise sadly!

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