China fumes as Biden plots to starve it of AI investment: 'Sci-tech bullying' - Credit: Fox News

China fumes as Biden plots to starve it of AI investment: ‘Sci-tech bullying’

As tensions between the United States and China continue to rise, President Joe Biden is taking steps to ensure that American technology remains competitive with its Chinese counterparts. The White House has announced plans to limit investments in artificial intelligence (AI) from foreign countries, particularly those from China. This move has been met with criticism by Beijing who have labeled it as “sci-tech bullying”.

The new restrictions are part of a larger effort by the Biden administration to protect America’s technological edge over other nations. It follows on the heels of an executive order issued last month which banned US companies from using certain software developed in China due to security concerns.

Under the proposed rules, any foreign investment into AI projects would be subject to review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). This committee will assess whether or not such investments pose a risk to national security or economic competitiveness before allowing them through. If approved, investors must also agree not to transfer sensitive technologies out of the country without prior approval from CFIUS.

China has responded angrily at these measures claiming they amount to “economic coercion” and “unilateralism” aimed at stifling their own tech industry growth. They argue that this could lead other countries down a similar path and create an environment where global trade is hindered rather than encouraged.

However, many experts believe that these restrictions are necessary for protecting America’s interests in an increasingly competitive world economy where technology plays an ever more important role. By limiting access for foreign investors into certain sectors like AI development, it allows US companies greater freedom when competing against rivals abroad while ensuring that vital technologies remain within our borders instead of being transferred overseas without proper oversight or regulation .

The debate surrounding this issue is likely far from over but one thing is clear: if we want our nation’s tech sector remain strong then we need policies like these which can help keep us ahead of our competitors both domestically and internationally .

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