European Lawmakers Look To Rein In Harmful Effects Of AI - Credit: Fox News

European Lawmakers Look To Rein In Harmful Effects Of AI

As the world continues to move forward with technology, European lawmakers are looking for ways to mitigate the potential harm that artificial intelligence (A.I.) can cause. A new report from a group of experts has been presented to the European Commission which outlines how A.I. could be used in a responsible and ethical manner while still allowing it to reach its full potential as an innovative tool for society.

The report suggests that there should be more regulation on how A.I.-based systems are developed and deployed, including measures such as transparency, accountability, and fairness when using algorithms or data sets in decision-making processes. It also calls for greater public engagement so that citizens can understand what is happening with their data and have a say in how it is being used by companies or governments. Additionally, the report recommends creating an independent body to monitor compliance with these regulations and ensure they are followed properly by all parties involved in developing or deploying A.I.-based systems across Europe’s digital economy.

In addition to regulatory measures, the report also proposes several initiatives aimed at promoting responsible use of A.I., such as encouraging research into methods of mitigating bias within algorithms; providing support for businesses who want to develop ethical products; investing in education programs about digital literacy; and establishing standards for certification of trustworthy technologies like facial recognition software or autonomous vehicles before they enter public spaces or markets respectively .

The goal of this effort is not only to protect people from any potential harms caused by irresponsible use of A I., but also ensure that everyone benefits from its positive applications without sacrificing privacy rights or other fundamental values associated with human dignity . As Europe moves towards becoming a leader in innovation , these recommendations will help create an environment where both individuals and businesses alike can thrive while ensuring safety , security ,and trustworthiness remain top priorities .

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