"Former Google AI Expert Claims Unhinged AI is as Potent as the Atomic Bomb" - Credit: Fox News

Former Google AI Expert Claims Unhinged AI is as Potent as the Atomic Bomb

AI technology has been making waves in the tech world for years now, and it’s only getting more powerful. In fact, according to ex-Google AI expert Andrew Ng, artificial intelligence is “the most powerful technology since the atomic bomb.”

Ng made this statement during a recent interview with Fox News. He explained that AI can be used for both good and bad purposes, just like any other technology. However, he believes that its potential is so great that it could have an even greater impact than nuclear weapons if not handled properly.

“The power of AI comes from its ability to automate decisions,” Ng said. “It can make decisions faster than humans ever could and without bias or emotion.” This means that AI can be used to make decisions about things like healthcare treatments or financial investments much faster than a human ever could – but it also means there are risks involved when using such powerful technology.

One of those risks is what Ng calls “unhinged AI”. Unhinged AI refers to situations where machines are given too much autonomy over decision-making processes without proper oversight or regulation from humans. If left unchecked, unhinged AI could lead to disastrous consequences as machines start making decisions based on their own algorithms rather than considering ethical implications or human input.

To prevent these kinds of scenarios from occurring, Ng recommends taking steps towards regulating how we use artificial intelligence in our society today: “We need better governance structures around how we deploy this incredibly powerful tool,” he said in his interview with Fox News. He suggests creating laws and regulations specifically designed for governing the use of artificial intelligence so that we don’t end up with unintended consequences down the line due to lack of oversight or control over machine learning systems.

In addition to advocating for better regulation around the use of artificial intelligence technologies, Andrew Ng also encourages people who work with them every day – developers and engineers –to think critically about their applications before deploying them into production environments: “Developers should take responsibility for understanding what they’re building and why they’re building it,” he says in his interview with Fox News . By doing this kind of critical thinking ahead of time , developers will be able to anticipate potential issues before they arise , helping us all avoid any dangerous outcomes caused by unhinged AIs .

Overall , Andrew Ng believes strongly in both regulating how we use Artificial Intelligence technologies as well as encouraging responsible development practices among those who create them . As he puts it : “AI has tremendous potential — but only if deployed responsibly .” With thoughtful consideration on behalf of both regulators and developers alike , hopefully we’ll be able to harness the incredible power offered by Artificial Intelligence while avoiding any negative repercussions along the way .

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