Meet the 72-year-old Congressman Going Back To College To Learn About AI - Credit: Fox News

Meet the 72-year-old Congressman Going Back To College To Learn About AI

At 72 years old, Congressman Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota is proving that it’s never too late to learn something new. The Republican lawmaker recently announced he will be attending college classes at the University of Minnesota in order to gain a better understanding of artificial intelligence (AI).
Hagedorn said his decision was motivated by the need for Congress to stay informed on emerging technologies and their potential implications. “As technology advances, so must our knowledge base and ability to understand how these advancements can help or hurt our nation,” he explained in a statement. “I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to learning more about AI.”
The congressman has already taken steps towards educating himself on the subject matter, having attended several seminars hosted by tech companies such as Microsoft and Google over the past year. He also serves on two committees related to technology: Science, Space & Technology; and Small Businesses.
Hagedorn’s commitment is being praised by many who believe lawmakers should have an understanding of modern technology if they are going to make decisions that affect its use. “It’s important for elected officials like Rep. Hagedorn not only understand but embrace technological change,” said Robert Atkinson, president of Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a think tank focused on advancing innovation policy solutions worldwide. “By doing so, they can ensure policies are crafted with an eye toward maximizing economic growth while minimizing negative impacts.”
The congressman plans on taking three courses during his time at UMN: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning For Data Analysis; And Computer Vision And Image Processing Applications In Robotics And Autonomous Systems Development — all taught online due to COVID-19 restrictions still in place across much of the country.
Though some may view Hagedorn’s decision as unusual given his age gap from most students enrolled in college today, he believes it will ultimately benefit both him personally and those he represents professionally — making him yet another example that you’re never too old when it comes to learning something new!
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